• Assistant professor at Ecole Centrale Marseille and research at team QARMA in LIS laboratory.
  • Affiliations: Centrale Marseille, Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, LIS, Marseille, France.
  • Teaching Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision courses at ECM.
  • Working on Machine Learning and Computer Vision


May 2024: Paper accepted at ECML 2024  CAM-Based Methods Can See through Walls

May 2024: becoming co-head of Centrale Digital Lab diploma

May 2024: Science diffusion “Rencontres de rue” in Marseille for EXPLORE 2024

April 2024: Paper accepted at CPVR workshop XAI4CV 2024  CA-Stream: Attention-based pooling for interpretable image recognition

December 2023: Mathias Haugland joins our group as PhD on the MitoLearner project.

January 2023: 1 open PhD position: “MitoLearner: deep learning and explainable AI to understand the role of mitochondria genes in cancer cells” more details here.

January 2023: 3 master internships opening: Improving self-supervised vision transformers with attentionWeakly-supervised one-shot object detectionUnsupervised learning for image and text classification – Contact: ronan.sicre@lis-lab.fr

August 2022: The project “Interpretability of deep neural networks for medical image classification” was funded by Laennec Institute.

December 2021: 2 master internships opening on interpretability of Convolutional Neural Networks as part of the UnLIR project: Learning a decoder to produce interpretable saliency mapssaliency segmentation for CNN interpretability evaluation– Contact: ronan.sicre@lis-lab.fr

July 2021: Hanwei Zhang joins our group as post doctoral researcher.

November 2020: Felipe Torres joins our group as PhD.

July 2020: Open PhD position (multiple opening) as part of the UnLIR project: Learning discriminative representations to interpret image recognition models – Computer vision and deep learning. Position closes on August 16th – PhD starting in September / October – Contact: ronan.sicre@lis-lab.fr

December 2019: Open Master internship: Unsupervised learning for image recognition – Computer vision and deep learning

October 2019: The ANR JCJC project UnLIR is accepted (internships, one PhD, and one postdoc available).

Short Bio

I received a Master degree in Intelligent Systems from the University of Toulouse, France, in 2007. During my master I studied at the University of Plymouth, England, at the University of Calgary, Canada, and at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. From 2008 to 2011, I worked toward the Ph.D. degree in the LaBRI at the University of Bordeaux in collaboration with MIRANE S.A.S. Then, I obtained a Lecturer / Researcher (ATER) position in Bordeaux: I taught at the ENSEIRB-MATMECA and worked as a researcher at the LaBRI. I then worked as a postdoc at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) at the Intelligent System Lab (ISLA), at the University of Caen, in the image team of the GREYC lab, and at INRIA Rennes in the Linkmedia Team. I’m now Assistant professor at Ecole Centrale Marseille and belong to the QARMA team at LIS

Research Interest

  • Deep learning
  • Part-based image recognition
  • (Fine-grained) image classification
  • Image retrieval
  • Interpretability of models
  • Image denoising