Main current activities

Here are only the activities that I currently work on.

Current activities

Current PhD students and new PhD graduates

  • Riikka Huusari, co-directed with Hachem Kadri (Qarma Team), from october 2016: kernel based multiview learning. Public defense the 07th of november 2019, Marseille. Now post-doctoral fellow at Aalto University.
  • Baptiste Bauvin, co-directed with François Laviolette (GRAAL Group), from october 2017: multi-view learning with set-covering machines applied to multi-omics data on diseases
  • Quentin Ferré, co-directed with Denis Puthier (TAGC), from september 2017: learning interpretable models of CIS-regulation from multi-sources human omics data
  • Léo Bouscarrat, co-directed with Carlos Ramisch (LIS) and Antoine Bonnefoy (Euranova), from january 2019 (CIFRE). Decision-making tool for the French defense health monitoring system with natural language processing and machine learning

Open positions and research projects

  • Interested by an internship in machine learning ? Please contact me.
  • Master 2 internship proposal (winter-spring 2021): boosting wavelets