Welcome to my homepage !

I  am a teacher in computer science, as well as a researcher in machine learning. I love it all. On this site I mainly share the scientific activities and news around my work, either in an academic way-to-be, or sometimes funnier (in the post area on the right)!

My main current interests are machine learning (multimodal and ensemble-based theory and algorithms), popularization of research activities, bioinformatics, ML for health, software development, teaching

Latest news

    • Head of the Master of Computer Science at Aix-Marseille Master of Computer Science at Aix-Marseille University from sept. 2020.
    • New paper accepted at Machine Learning with collaborateurs from GRAAL@Québec, july 2020.
    • New paper accepted at Bioinformatics with collaborators@TAGC, dec. 2019. OLOGRAM: determining significance of total overlap length between genomic regions sets
    • Co-organizer of the week about mathematical and computer sciences studies with companies, dec. 2019, Marseille. SEME’2019
    • Conférence à la semaine Les Cigales, CIRM, oct. 2019: Voyage au coeur de l’intelligence artificielle d’aujourd’hui.
    • Conférence inaugurale de la fête de la Science PACA, préfecture de la région, sept. 16th. 2019.
    • Centuri Seminar, 8th of july, 2019 (Hexagone, Luminy, Marseille): An humble testimony of the couple bio/Machine learning research: when a variety meets another variety
    • June 2019: New papers/posters with collaborators accepted at CAp’2019, ISMB’2019.
    • Co-chair of the ECML’2019 workshop Data and Machine Learning Advances with Multiple Views, sept. 2019.
    • May 2019. Proud to be nominated as the ambassador 2019 of the national science festival, for the PACA region ! Fête de la Science
    • November 2018: AI Month at AMU. I participate in panel discussions about AI: Parc Chanot: le focéen (13/11), and Myths about AI at the camp (28/11).
    • Sept. 2018: member of the Mathematics&Computer Science Doctoral School of Aix-Marseille University
    • Fall 2018: with the members of Qarma, we present Olivia, AI-Capone and KillIAs, 3 players trained to beat people (even you if you have any strategy) at Shifumi. Please check the Qarma home page if you want to know the next presentations.
    • July 2018: research journey at Université Laval à Québec with Pr. Laviolette, GRAAL Group
    • June 2018: two accepted papers at springer, latest release soon in the Publications part.
    • April 2018: HDR defense, Aix-Marseille University.
    • April 2018: attendant to the amazing Aistats 2028 conference.
    • April 2018: Teacher with colleague Rémi Eyraud at the training session about “Introduction to Machine Learning” (4 days), Leroy-Merlin, Lille.