Shantanu Das
Computer Scientist
Shantanu DAS

Current Affiliation:

Laboratoire d’Informatique et Systèmes (LIS) (Formerly LIF)
TEAM : Distributed ALGOrithms (DALGO)
Aix-Marseille University,
Parc Scientifique et Technologique de Luminy, Marseille, France.
Email: firstname.lastname AT

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My Erdös number = 3 (via N. Santoro, S. Zaks)

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SIROCCO: Latest edition SIROCCO 2022 is scheduled be held in Paderborn. Attention: Submission deadline: 02.12.2021

Our lab organized SIROCCO 2017 : Informal pre-proceedings are available on the webpage (Click on the paper title)

Christina Karousatou : Distributed Algorithms for Mobile Agents with Energy Constraints, Aix-Marseille University, 2014--2017.

Scientific Activities:

Recent Lectures:
  • Invited Speaker, Workshop on Self-organization in Swarm of Robots, Tokyo, Japan 2018
  • Invited Speaker, Workshop on Moving and Computing, La Maddalena, Italy, 2017
  • Invited Speaker, GRASTA-MAC workshop, Montreal, Canada, 2015
  • Invited Speaker, Research Meeting on Distributed Computing by Mobile Robots, Ischia, Italy, 2013
  • Invited Speaker, Workshop on Search Games and Rendezvous (weblink) Lorentz Center, Netherlands, 2012
    My presentation "Symmetric Rendezvous in Graphs: Deterministic Approaches" is available here.
  • Invited Speaker, Research School on Distributed Computing with Mobile Robots: Moving and Computing (MAC) Ottawa, Canada, 2010
  • Invited Speaker, Workshop on Computations by Mobile Entities (Agents, Robots, Sensors), University of Pisa, Italy, 2007.
Conference Organization:
  • Member of Steering Committee for SIROCCO : 2018--2020
  • PC Member, 28th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO 2021), Poland.
  • PC Member, 47th International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science (SOFSEM 2021), Italy.
  • PC Member, 27th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO 2020), Germany.
  • PC Member, International Symposium on Algorithmic aspects of wireless networks (ALGOSENSORS), 2019.
  • PC Chair (Track B), 20th International Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems (SSS 2018) Tokyo, Japan.
  • PC co-Chair and Local Organizer, 24th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO 2017), France.
  • PC Member, International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems (OPODIS 2016) Madrid.
  • PC Member, International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networks (ICDCN 2016) Singapore.
  • PC Member, Special Track on Distributed Computing with Mobile Agents, ADHOC-NOW 2015, Athens, Greece.
  • PC Member, Francophone Conference on Algorithms for Telecommunications (ALGOTEL 2015) Beaune, France.
  • PC Member, International Conference on FUN with Algorithms (FUN), 2014.
  • PC Member, International Symposium on Algorithms and Experiments for Sensor Systems, Wireless Networks and Distributed Robotics (ALGOSENSORS), 2013.
  • PC Member, The 7th Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications (COCOA 2013), China, 2013.
  • PC Member, First International Workshop on Dynamicity (DYNAM), Toulouse, France, 2011.
  • PC Member, International Workshop on Wireless Sensor, Actuator and Robot Networks (WiSARN) Montreal, Canada, 2010
  • PC Member, International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity, SIROCCO 2009
    You can read the review of SIROCCO 2009 that I wrote for the ACM SIGACT News Distributed Computing Column, December 2009

Research Interests:

  • Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms
  • Fault tolerance in Distributed Systems
  • Graph Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization
  • Distributed Robotics
  • Dynamic Networks/Sensor Networks


At Aix-Marseille University:
  • Networks and Applications, Winter 2019
  • Distributed Algorithms, Winter 2018
  • Distributed Algorithms, Winter 2017
  • Distributed Algorithms, Winter 2016
  • Distributed Algorithms, Winter 2015
  • Distributed Algorithms, Winter 2014
  • Distributed Algorithms, Spring 2013

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