Three Talks in Combinatorics

a recurring event at Universitat de Barcelona

Every once in a while we gather three researchers and let them give about 30-minute-talks in combinatorics.
The event takes place at Edifici històric of Universitat de Barcelona. The room differs from time to time.
To see the abstracts hover over the titles.


Tuesday, November 7th 2023, seminar room IMUB (top floor edifici històric mathemàtiques)

15:00 Cristina Dalfó Universitat de Lleida
A general method to find the spectrum and eigenspaces of the token graph of a cycle
15:40 Sara AsensioUniversidad de Valladolid
The sensitivity conjecture and its resolution via graph theory
16:20 Gil Puig i Surroca Université Paris Dauphine
On maximum acyclic sets and random regular digraphs


Tuesday, October 24th 2023, seminar room IMUB (top floor edifici històric mathemàtiques)

15:30 Jérémie Chalopin Aix-Marseille Université
Unlabeled Sample Compression Schemes and Corner Peelings for Ample and Maximum Classes
16:10 Kolja Knauer Universitat de Barcelona
Beyond Symmetry in Generalized Petersen graphs
16:50 Eva Philippe Universitat de Barcelona
Geometric realizations via triangulations of flow polytopes

Thursday, September 14th 2023, room S3 (basement edifici històric mathemàtiques)

15:30 Vincent Pilaud Universitat de Barcelona
Deformed permutahedra, quotientopes and beyond
16:10 Victor Poupet Université Montpellier
Reconstructing words using queries on subwords or factors
16:50 Petru Valicov Université Montpellier
Computer assisted proofs for discharging method on planar graphs

Wednesday, June 21st 2023, room B5 (ground floor edifici històric mathemàtiques)

15:30 Emeric Gioan Université Montpellier
Geometrical interpretations of the Tutte polynomial in hyperplane arrangements and oriented matroids
16:10 František Kardoš Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave
New reducible configurations for Barnette's conjecture
16:50 Bernat Rovira Segú Universitat de Barcelona
On Outerplanar Partial Cubes

Tuesday, May 16th 2023, room T2 (top floor edifici històric mathemàtiques)

15:30 Bruno Benedetti University of Miami
Vertex Labeling Properties on Simplicial Complexes
16:10 Juanjo Rué Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Asymptotic enumeration of bipartite planar maps and graphs
16:50 Rangel Hernández Ortiz Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Roudneff’s conjecture in dimension 4

Tuesday, October 25th 2022, room 113 (ground floor edifici històric filologia)

15:00 Jérémie Chalopin Aix-Marseille Université
A local-to-global characterization of Helly graphs
15:40 Victor Chepoi Aix-Marseille Université
On biautomaticity of Helly groups and CB-groups
16:20 Julian Pfeifle Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Practical semidefinite programming bounds in Julia for Lovász' Theta function

Tuesday, October 4th 2022, room 312 (top floor edifici històric filologia)

15:00 Arnau Padrol Universitat de Barcelona
Many polytopes
15:40 Anna de Mier Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
The chromatic symmetric function and polynomials for marked graphs
16:20 Torsten Ueckerdt Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
When Catching is not Surrounding in Cops and Robber

Thursday, July 14th 2022, room T2 (top floor edifici històric mathemàtiques)

15:00 Anton Dochtermann Texas State University
Completing shellings and Simon’s conjecture for matroids
15:40 Carolina Benedetti Universidad de los Andes
Quotients of lattice path matroids
16:20 Gil Puig i Surroca Universitat de Barcelona
The representation problem, monoids and sparse graph classes


Kolja Knauer, Universitat de Barcelona

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