Peter Niebert
Aix-Marseille Université - Laboratoire d'Informatique et des Systèmes - Equipe Algorithmique Distribué

Past Research Area : verification and model checking

My long term main topic of research is modeling and algorithmic analysis of concurrent systems. In other terms, I do work on algorithms for exhaustive and non-exhaustive research of executions of systems modeled in various modeling languages, sometimes with quantitative aspects like real time or probability. While I enjoy theory, I try to bring this topic to practice by developing a tool, POEM (Partial Order Environment of Marseille).

I also am interested in control synthesis for hybrid systems, take a look into an article about our work.

My publications tracked by DBLP (Trier University).

Current Research Area : Distributed Algorithms

Since 2011, I am working on a new topic that brings together distributed and synchronous programming with an inspiration from cellular automata: we call it « cellular programming ». Depending on the interpretation, you can consider our work as a combination of a scalable architecture for distributed real time networks with a programming model. You can read on this topic: I am also principal author of a patent for this technology (Aix-Marseille University is the patent holder) and co-founder of the startup company LED's CHAT. Recently, I am working with Cedric Berenger on related research topics, such as connected partitioning of grid graphs, as well as clock synchronization.

Past projects :

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