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Another Simple Tool for Image Computing with OpenCV in 2D

CC BY-SA - 2021-2023, version 1.1 - Edouard Thiel

Astico2D is a module for writing small programs in C++, allowing to load and display an image, invert the colours or threshold in black and white, then apply the transformations you have programmed, and finally display the resulting image and zoom in on a part of it. The module is based on the OpenCV library, available for Linux, windows and MacOS systems.

astico2d.tgz Download the sources ready to compile, with a few test images.
Installation Documentation for installing and compiling.
Capture A screenshot.

The interface is extremely simple and is based on HighGui, the small GUI built into OpenCV: the aim is to have nothing to install other than a C++ compiler, the make command, and OpenCV to develop. Operations are triggered by keys on the keyboard or the mouse. Input images must be small, in colour or black and white.

Small commented examples are provided, showing how to write a program using Astico2D to program algorithms for image transformations: demo1.cpp, demo2.cpp. These examples can be copied directly as a starting file for imagery practical work.