Hi! I'm Amélia Durbec, a PhD Student at Aix-Marseille Université(AMU), in the Laboratoire d'Informatique et Systèmes (LIS). I'm a member of the Calcul Naturel (CANA) team, and supervised by Pablo Arrighi.

Research interests and publications

My research interests are graph dynamics, combinatorial structures and complexity theory in general, as well as their applications in Physics. My PhD is supervised by Pablo Arrighi, on the subject of classical and quantum causal graph dynamics. Graph dynamics are a generalization of cellular automaton, where the topology of the system can evolve according to a local, shift invariant rule. Quantum causal graph dynamics are of particular interest as they can be useful toy models for theoritical physics. I've also worked on diverse complexity problems related to Boolean Automata Networks.

Quantum superposition of graphs

With P.Arrighi and M.Christodoulou




Formals languages - Languages formels (L2, 21h)
Computer architecture - Architecture des ordinateurs (L2, 21h)
Probability for computer science - Probabilités pour l'informatique (L2, 21h)


How Computers Work - Fonctionnements des ordinateurs (L1, 21h)
Discretes structures - Structures discrètes (L2, 21h)
Programmation 2 - Programmation 2 (L2, 21h)

Other responsabilities


Seminar organization of the CaNa team
Organization committee of Automata’2021
Organization committee of EG70


Seminar organization of the CaNa team


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